Bridger Vallin

Release Train Engineer

Tell us about a particularly challenging/exciting project or engagement you have been due to your relationship with PDS:

Through PDS I have been able to work with an exciting team bringing cloud transformations to United Launch Alliance. This company launches rockets for national security customers, and it’s an incredible opportunity to accelerate the rate of launches for United Launch Alliance through the application of cloud technologies and modern development practices.

How has working with/through PDS contributed to your professional growth?:

PDS has given me the opportunity to work with exciting new companies, expanding my professional knowledge of cloud and other modern development technologies.

Can you share a specific moment or achievement that you’re particularly proud of in your career?:

While at ULA, our PDS product management teams have been able to bring a large, dispersed team into alignment as a single agile release train. With our help, the ULA teams are constantly improving and pulling in the right direction to modernize ULA and deliver software faster, resulting in a higher launch cadence for the organization.

How do you stay updated on industry trends and continuously enhance your skills? Any favorite learning resources or strategies?:

Continuous education has been a huge part of how I’ve been keeping up with new skills. I recently completed my master’s degree in engineering management remotely through Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and I plan to continue my education as part of my work with PDS.

What advice would you give to fellow professionals who aspire to achieve similar success?:

The key to our success at ULA is having the right people in place to create the change. When those people all have a shared vision of the end state, it is possible to begin a large project, like bringing many teams together in a single Agile Release Train.

In your opinion, what qualities make a candidate a good fit for PDS?:

The willingness to set aside ego and work towards shared solutions with our clients is the key quality that has helped us here at ULA.

What role do you believe mentorship and networking play in career development, and have they been instrumental in your journey?:

Mentorship and networking are key within our business. The relationships we build with customers and our fellow contractors help us keep a healthy level of business. Mentorship with other PDS employees is also very helpful, as it helps keep all of us pulling in the same direction.