To Office

Companies Set to Require In-Office Policies

It’s official… 90% of companies with office spaces plan to implement return-to-office policies by the end of 2024. The companies surveyed with in-office policies again stated this environment has improved ROI, enhanced team dynamics, and strengthened the onboarding process. Some employees back in the office have also claimed they feel more productive. When launching in-office policies, leaders emphasize open communication and transparency with concerns to have a successful implementation (1).

New Employee Benefits

However, companies still planning to enact in-office policies expect to receive pushback from employees. To encourage employees to embrace returning to the office, leaders have considered providing commuter benefits, assisting with child-care costs, or supplying catered meals.

Despite these perks, 18% of employees required to be in the office are currently looking for a new job, and 36% plan to look for a new one this year1. Critics of returning to the office stated that employees nowadays want flexibility and a good work/life balance, both of which are harder to maintain in an office. Even more surprising, 63% of professionals are willing to take a pay cut to remain remote (2).

Maintaining Employee Happiness

Still, another survey found that work environment arrangements ranked lower on job seekers’ priority list than some would think. Instead, they valued work/life balance, awards and recognition, and company culture2. With this in mind, it is less about returning to the office and more about the overall company culture employees spend time in. When there is a strong culture, it makes it appealing for workers to return to the office.


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