Tips for Hiring New Grads

With graduation season here, you’ve probably seen an influx of new graduate resumes. This is an exciting time to welcome new faces to your organization. Not only can you foster new talent, but you are also giving new grads an opportunity to kick-start their careers and add new energy to the team. The recruiting process requires a more intentional approach to attract the right talent to ensure a pleasant experience for both sides. Here are some tips for hiring new grads:

Clearly Define the Job

To create a thoughtful hiring process, be thorough when writing the job description so applicants clearly understand the duties, skills needed, and expectations. This will be helpful for graduates entering the workforce who are not familiar with different job functions and will help them determine which skills they might need to develop more. A well-written job posting will provide them with an overview so they can decide if they are a match.

Growth Trajectory

It’s important to show new graduates that growth opportunities exist at your company. Whether it is a structured career track, mentorship project, or certificate funds, they want to see how they can expand their knowledge and skillsets. Growth possibilities help attract young applicants and maintain retention when they are hired. Discussing these opportunities is also a great way to teach them about potential career paths and understand their goals more.

Cultural Fit

While salary and benefits are important factors when applying for jobs, company culture has become increasingly important with each new generation. To attract younger applicants, it’s a good idea to highlight what sets your company apart during the recruitment process. Research has shown that three in 10 college grads want to see a company’s commitment to diversity, and 91% want companies that encourage mental wellness1. You don’t need to overhaul all your policies, but consider what policies are in place or in the works that promote new grads’ ideals.

Consider Soft Skills

It can be easy to prioritize technical skills or prestigious internships, but soft skills are just as important, especially when hiring college graduates. Skills such as communication, problem-solving, or adaptability can indicate what kind of employee they will become and how open they are to learning. Remember, hiring new grads is a chance to jump-start someone’s career, so potential is an attribute to be taken seriously.

Simplify Recruiting

Multiple rounds of interviews are becoming a thing of the past, as they can cause fatigue and discourage applicants from applying or can cause them to drop out of the recruiting process altogether. Simplifying the recruiting process shows new grads that a company knows what they are looking for and is considerate of applicants’ time.

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